Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Of Bitz and Pieces

Not much to report on the actual modelling side of things, sadly, but I thought I'd do an update with some odds and ends that I need to do something with.

Hobby time is still limited after the move across country, mainly with prepping the family households for winter - repairs made, gardens shut down, winterizing homes, and finishing up any last minute warm-weather projects for the year. With winter on the way, I should have more free time for hobby during the upcoming cold months, but that's tempered by the fact I've already started compiling a list of winter projects on top of hobby plans and my writing work schedule, so no hibernation this season. But, I should be able to start working on some new Inquisimunda stuff soon. Now if I only had someone to play with...

Speaking of which, I recently went to my local game shop and a GW store that had sprung up in town since I had left for California in 2001. I went for two purposes: to pick up some bitz for gangs and Blood Bowl teams, and to get a feel for the current gaming community. Not surprisingly, both the various 'Munda incarnations and Blood Bowl are rarely seen anywhere, so I have a bit of work to do to find or develop some local players.

But that's not the saddest part.

Now, I don't mean to go off on a big rant, and I think there are some GW staffers who may read this blog from time to time, and I don't want to ruffle feathers or step on toes here - Games Workshop is what I've made my gaming choice since the late 80's, and it has become the stick by which I measure my gaming interests - and I also know that the 'Munda games and Blood Bowl are old games that are not supported for business reasons that are GW's decisions alone, to which I hold no grudges. However...when I went into the non-GW shop to see if there were any players or interest in playing either of those two games, I was told ask around and was encouraged to post a notice and go on the store's message board to start a community for those rarely played games. When I went into the GW, I was told that I should go to the other store to get people to play those two games...games that GW still owns. In fact, the gent behind the counter actually apologized that he couldn't help me, and that as much as he'd like to play those games himself, they weren't allowed to support the playing of dead games in the store. That saddens, and confuses me at the same time for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, while I understand that GW's focus is to support the sales of 40K and AoS, I find it a strange tactic to actually push people away from the store, and away from the chance that their interest in some of the older, smaller games might translate into interest for their flagship titles. You're literally telling people to go away and play at another store that has hundreds of other gaming options for them to have a chance at showing interest in.

Secondly, if one of your primary interests as a company is to sell miniatures, why would you not want people in your store to buy miniatures for games that are not only yours, but whose players tend to spend large chunks of money on parts for their teams and warbands, of which most players of either game are constantly trying to complete the entirety of, or are constantly building new ones of? The GW worker pointed out the fact that since no miniatures were currently being produced for either 'Munda or BB, they couldn't sell minis to those players. To that I simply held up my newly purchased bag of $100 worth of beastmen and Skitarii for my Nurgle team and Techno Barbarian warband, and said, "What do you think these are for?" And that purchase wasn't even a fraction of the parts I need for my current kitbashing plans.


Anyway. Again, not trying to badmouth my favorite gaming company, or go off on too big of a rant because this is stuff I've been aware of for a long time now, but it felt very much of an end of an era for me for some reason. From a logistics perspective (not an interest one), it's only going to get harder from this point to play two games I love.

If you're going to let your children die, at least let them do it in the comfort of home. Hm...that was more grim than I expected.

Finally (and this is way overdue), I'd like to direct you to a good friend of mine and a fellow Creator who is running an Indiegogo campaign for a new horror writing project of his, Dark Elements. Matthew has gained some reputation over the past couple of years for challenging himself to do some out of the box writing projects, and this time he's hooked up with an artist to join him along the way. You can find the Indiegogo project HERE. Go check it out.


  1. Preaching to the choir man! Trying to cram in the last bit of warm weather activity I can and trying to prepare my house for my girlfriend (and winter) to move in has left me with little hobby time myself. Then what little bit of time I have had left for throwing things together has been spent doing freelance work....Sigh. I am saddened by your experience at GW, but understand I suppose from a business stand point. When people walk in and see someone playing a game that looks fun, one of the last things they want to tell them is "Oh that game no longer exists," Despite the fabulous support from the online community it would probably seem like too much work for someone just being introduced to GW unless they were already quite comfortable with kit bashing from other games. Glad to see a fresh post from you, hopefully you find more time for the hobby while you brace for winter.

  2. I've always come back to IN for the winter holidays, but this will be the first full Midwest winter I'll have experienced in 14 years, and I'd forgotten how much stuff there is to do to get ready for it. Plus, I already have a laundry list of things to do now to prep for spring, not the least of which is planning the planting of a small cider orchard next year. What I'd really like to do this winter is make some terrain features and build a table for Inq. We'll see what happens.

  3. Good luck with preparing for winter and spring.. cider orchard sounds excellent..

    The GW website is recruiting for specialist games at the present so maybe we will see some forays back into this area in the future.. ?

    look forward to seeing your terrain when you get chance to start..

    1. What I've heard about their approach to reintroducing the Specialist Games sounds promising, but at the least, new minis are always a good thing.

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