Friday, June 10, 2016


Just a quick update to fill people in on what's happening with the blog.

The saga of my mysterious leg/hip/back injury is finally seeing a proper end, thus marking a finish to the major impediment to my progress on both hobby and professional work.

To recap; excruciating pain and a sudden inability to walk at the end of January resulted in the wild misdiagnosis of a dislocated hip joint by a doctor who fancied himself a budding chiropractor, when in reality he should have never gotten a license to practice medicine in the first place. A month later, an orthopedic specialist made a second diagnosis that while still inaccurate, was a very likely cause to the pain, and at the time was the right call to try the easy cure first before going too far into more serious treatments. When that didn't work, we went into the heavy stuff, and an MRI showed the actual cause to the previous four months of pain as being a ruptured disc in my lower back that was crushing the nerve cords that ran down my hip and leg.

Well, earlier this week I underwent spinal surgery to fix the problem, and the change is remarkable. With the removal of the hemorrhaged disc material over the nerve, the fire and bone-numbing ache that ran down my leg and hip was turned off like a light switch, and now the only real discomfort I have is from the incision point over my spine, which is minimal. A little bit of a stiff back, but the only thing I need to worry about anymore is the movement restrictions I have to follow to ensure that everything heals up nicely.

The bad news is that those movement restrictions make it really tough to physically do much hobby work (or anything else for that matter), and the constant fog of heavy, but pleasant drugs keeps my head wrapped in a warm cottony haze, and I just don't trust myself to do any sharp-implemented modelling or detailed painting. For me to even be this coherent in a blog post is a struggle. So for now, I'm simply plotting and planning my next moves.

Professionally, I'm taking the time to do as much careful (because of the meds) research as I can for a couple of new book ideas that I'll start in on once my head can clear. One, a lighthearted take on some disturbing occult shenanigans, and the other a delve into a genre of gothic grimdark I haven't seen anyone tackle yet. I'm also looking over a couple of stories to be reworked, and a a couple of old  short story ideas I need to develop to put on the fiction blog.

Hobbywise, my first priority is to finish the Kingdom Death Survivor challenge given to me by the Wier Brothers - I've had this damned figure sitting on my desk for months, and I owe it to them to finally finish it up. Second, is to paint up both the Servo Magos and the Rogue Trader adventurer I've shown here on the blog, and start fleshing out their retinues. After that, I have a longform narrative I'd like to tell through a series of figures and warbands that I think would not only give me more toys to play with, but would be an interesting exercise in storytelling through miniatures.

For now, I'm off to enjoy my afternoon drug coma. Happy gaming everyone!