Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Max Ernst

During my Journalism degree in college, I studied Art History as a second concentration.

Sadly, to my shame, I have forgotten a ton of that AH education, and am now starting to rebuild what has been lost. One thing that I have never lost from those days, has been my discovery and love for the works of Max Ernst.

Haunting, evocative, technically innovative, and darkly mythical, the soul behind much of Ernst's work reminded me of the Games Workshop artwork that fired my imagination years earlier as a young gamer. There are moments in his work where you can see a parallel in imagery to the grimdark of the GW games; the otherworldly landscapes and bestial anatomies of Chaos, the bizarre Gothic aristocracy of WH40K's, Imperium of Mankind, and the themes of oppression and violence worked upon ordinary men and women by forces they cannot hope to comprehend.

Gods and Monsters.

Heady stuff.

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