Monday, January 18, 2016

WIP - Servo Magos 2

Done with the building phase, now it's on to basing and paint.

I have to say, this model came together quickly and easily, where all of the design decisions just seemed to flow. Very little second guessing on parts, and everything just seemed to fit. Aside from the Cairn Wraith's robes, and a couple of bits from the Skitarii box (the Omnispex face and some hoses from a backpack), most of this was cannibalized from the Tech Priest Dominus model - an expensive figure to chop up, but considering the utility I got out of it, the sacrifice was well worth it.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

WIP - Servo Magos

Just a quick WIP of one of my latest projects.

Started life as part of the Ready Your Retinue challenge at the Ammobunker, but I'm developing his background to send over to the guys at Iron Sleet for possible inclusion into their massive Pilgrym project.

I'm envisioning a small retinue of ramshackle servo skulls, serving the Magos, who at this point has gone a bit mad in his research.

More to come...