Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Behind the Curtain...Blade Runner Prop Shop

I've always loved movie prop making - especially on the miniature scale. It makes a lot of sense considering my love of miniature gaming, as the techniques and methods of production for both go largely hand-in-hand. If I had known more about the field when I was younger, I would have explored the world of movie prop making as a career as an alternative to writing.

There is an interesting article on io9 that I'm linking here that shows a massive number of behind the scenes photos of the miniature prop making production from Blade Runner. It's well worth a look for some classic sci-fi inspiration.


  1. Great find Odie .. I too am a fan of all things prop related - There are loads of great forums out there on this stuff - i find this movie prop particular brand of sci fi kit-bashing refreshing after years of citadel only kitbashing.. the community involved really know there stuff ..

    1. That's so true. When you get outside of the gaming community and look at the larger model making world, there is so much technique, information, and inspiration to glean from what and how they do things.

      Definitely refreshing from what I've done within the GW/Citadel standard for the past 26 years. Not that they aren't great (GW/Citadel has been the gold standard for quality for me for years), but I'm ready to create my own vision using whatever is at hand now.